carb work

R.P.N. Motorsports uses the latest technology to test and build National Championship winning engines. Each part of the engine is measured, matched, and replaced with hand picked parts if not deemed perfect to produce the most power per each specific class.

Every engine is machined using CNC machines and precision fixtures to provide the flattest, roundest, most consistent, and most repeatable surface available with tolerances that are second to none. All heads and carburetors are flowed on a Super-Flow flow bench to achieve the maximum flow possible for restricted or unrestricted applications. Special care is taken with final assembly to ensure that a motor with endurance and reliability is provided.

After engines are assembled, they are run and broken in on the Land and Sea dyno paired with Datamite software, where they are tuned for maximum horsepower. All engines go through an extensive break in process to again, provide an engine that produces peak power, race after race.

Finally, each engine goes through post dyno inspection to ready the engine for racing. When you receive your engine, it will have all the settings correctly adjusted and ready to install in the car. Every engine will come with a booklet of information which includes proper information, maintenance, care, and settings that are necessary for peak engine performance.

The same process used in building our brand new racing engines, is used to rebuild or refresh your used engine. This ensures that you will receive a quality racing engine year after year.


Engine Dyno-
R.P.N. Motorsports can dyno any engine with or without a gearbox. You can have you engine run on the dyno regardless of which engine builder it came from. All dyno work is done on a Land and Sea water brake dyno with Datamite software. With this setup, unlimited testing parameters are available and multiple sensor channels are used.

This tool allows R.P.N. Motorsports to test new combinations and products to always stay ahead of the curve. R.P.N. Motorsports spends countless hours in research and design developing new combinations, preparation steps, and testing new components to be put into the engines.

Every single engine that is built at R.P.N. Motorsports is run on the dyno for break in and tuning before the engine goes out the door.

Machine Work-
All the same machining quality that is used to build R.P.N. Motorsports’ National Championship winning motors is available to your individual parts as well. The state of the art machinery used will always provide a constant finish with tolerances second to none.


Chassis Setup
R.P.N. Motorsports can take your racing chassis and set it up to track ready condition with a base setup. This will include squaring the rear end, squaring the front end, setting front end adjustments, setting correct shocks and springs, moving weight, viagra rezeptfrei and setting the correct tires. From there the car will be setup for your driver, then scaled to finish off the process.

Race Day Track Services-
R.P.N. Motorsports will come to a track of your choice and spend the race day tuning your car. This will give you the entire package, the motor and the car, that you need to win races. The car will be squared, correct springs and shocks set, and correct tires will be set. Then the car will be setup for track conditions and scaled to meet those conditions. Then throughout the day your car will be fine tuned chassis and motor wise to keep up with the track changes and to give your driver the best handling car.