trophyFort Wayne Rumble Dec 23
Zeb Wise 2 for 2 in Hvy 160
Jacob Denny Lt. 160

Columbus Indoors Dec 9
Zeb Wise Wins Heavy World Formula!
Frankie Nervo runs second

Columbus Indoors Nov 17
Tyler Garner wins Sr Animal
Jacob Denney Wins Lt. 160

Wiley Gordon (Kokomo) Oct 22
Garrett Wagone Sr. Honda
Greyson Springer Jr. Honda

Oct 20
Austin Nigh Lt. World Formula and Sr. Honda TRACK CHAMPION MINI INDY
Jacob Denny Buckeye Sr. Animal and Sr. Honda TRACK CHAMPION BUCKEYE

Sept 23
Jacob Stickle wins Little Eldora in Hvy World Formula

Sept 10
Blake Schneider Hvy 160 Mini Indy
Greyson Springer wins Jr. Honda Kokomo
Jake Denney wins Sr. Animal
Austin Nigh wins Sr. Honda and Lt. World Formula both days at Mini Indy!
Kayla Martin wins Red Rookie at Mini Indy both days!
Townsend Wright set fast time in Sr. Honda at Mini Indy
Townsend Wright wins Sr. Animal both days at Mini Indy

Aug 30 Midwest Thunder Toledo Ohio
Zeb Wise and Austin Nigh with RPN Power finish 1-2 in Lt World Formula
Austin Nigh wins Sr Honda
Logan Herbert Blue Rookie winner

Aug 18 Nationals K-ZOO
Austin Nigh wins 3 classes!!!
Sr Honda, Sr. Animal, Lt. World Formula

Aug 10 Indiana State Series Kokomo
Austin Nigh wins Sr Honda twice,
Austin Nigh wins Lt. World Formula
Logan Herbert wins Blue Rookie
Koulten Herbert wins Jr Animal
Greyson Springer sweeps both days in Jr. Honda

Austin Nigh
Koulten Herbert

Aug 3 Toledo
Mackenzie Crawford wins World Formula

Aug 3 Oswego, New York
Frankie Nervo wins Hvy. WF

July 21 Mini Indy
Austin Nigh sweeps Lt 160, Senior Honda, Lt World Formula

July 21 Kokomo
Greyson Springer wins Jr Honda

Zeb Wise Sr. Animal

July 6 Robbie Stanley Memorial Midwest Thunder Mini Indy
Koulten Herbert wins Jr. Animal
Greyson Springer finish second

June 28 Kokomo
Greyson Springer Jr Honda winner

June 28 Mini Indy
Koulten Herbert sweeps Jr. Animal

June 27-28 Columbus Ohio
Kenzie Crawford wins  Lt. World Formula
Jake Denney wins doubles on Friday and Sunday with 2 wins in Sr. Honda and 2 wins in Sr. Animal!

June 21-22 Mini Indy Indiana State Championships Mini Indy
Koulten Herbert picks up win in Jr. Animal
Austin Nigh gets the double double with Sr. Honda and Lt. World Formula

June 21 Miami Valley Mid Ohio
Jake Denney wins Sr. Honda AND Sr. Animal

June 14 Waterford, MI Midwest Thunder
Austin Nigh wins Sr. Honda

May 24 Midwest Thunder Mac-O-Chee Bob Nock Memorial
Zeb Wise comes from dead last to win the Light World Formula
Tyler Garner runs second for an R.P.N. Motorsports 1-2
Zeb Wise wins his second race on the weekend with the Sr. Animal feature!
Tyler Garner runs second for another R.P.N. Motorsports 1-2!

May 18 Mid Ohio
Jake Denney wins the Sr. Honda

May 18 Mini Indy
Austin Nigh does the double last night in Indianapolis to win Sr. Honda and Lt. World Formula!

May 3-4 Mini Indy
Austin Nigh wins Lt. 160
Austin Nigh doubles up with a Lt. World Formula win!
Townsend Wright wins Sr. Animal
Austin Nigh wins Sr. Honda

April 28 Mid-Ohio
Kenzie Crawford won the Sr. Animal

April 27 Livermore, CA
Nicholas Guaimano won the Red Rookie

April 25 Columbus, OH
Jacob Denney picked up the 50 lap Sr. Honda feature

April 14 Mini Indy
Koulten Herbert sweeps the day in Jr. Honda and Jr. Animal winning both heats and features
Austin Nigh goes 3 for 3 today with Sr. Honda, Lt. 160, and Lt. World Formula

April 8 Nashville, TN
Zeb Wise wins Lt. World Formula sweep, track record, heat win, and feature win

2014 Winter Indoors Champions!
Tyler Garner Sr. Animal and LT AA
Zeb Wise Lt 160
Jacob Denney Jr Animal
Koulten Herbert Jr Honda

Feb 22 Columbus Indoors
Tyler Garner picks up another Sr. Animal

Feb 8 Columbus Indoors
Koulten Herbert wins Jr. Honda
Jacob Denney wins Jr. Animal

Jan 26 Columbus Indoors
Zeb Wise wins two races in a row in Light 160
Frank The Tank Nervo goes two for two in Heavy World Formula
Tyler Garner wins 2 in a row in Sr. Animal

Jan 18 BMI Speedway
Lexi Pohlman won Heavy Honda
Zeb Wise won Lt. World Formula

Jan 11 Columbus Indoors
Tyler Garner grabbed a win in Sr. Animal
Zeb Wise wins Lt. 160
Frankie Nervo won Hvy. World Formula
Zeb Wise picked up the win in Lt. World Formula